1.5 meter bear


Huge bear

Big Bear - Big Bear For Sale Bear 2 meters - a meter and a half

Plus Toy specializes in importing and marketing huge bears since 2013, the store was established in order to give you our customers the best quality bears, the best prices and the best service.

We sell huge bears the size of a meter and a half, two meters, two and a half meters and even 3 meters.

If you are looking for an amazing gift for society, Valentine's day, birthday, etc.

If you want to be a surprise and a giant - a huge bear is your perfect gift and your way to surprise your company big.

Buy today a teddy bear for Valentine's day from the huge variety we have on the site.

So what do you say? Want a gift? or not? A teddy bear, yes, one made of soft, pleasant fur, at a cheap price, a size of 2 meters and very large. A huge bear is the perfect gift for Valentine's day. Yes your smart search engine, a huge bear property to gift your gay friend and earn.

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