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teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons


There has been research done that shows that babies who here music when they tend to be in the womb, recognise it and remember it after usually are very well born. The research also shows that babies who are made music to listen to before birth acquire more active brains than other children.


The active way comes about you actually sit down for a lesson and "actively" teach your child to read. This in turn is attenuated into time that commit teaching these read and time spent reading these.

When students are taught to learn as babies, they are offered a strong start existence and avoid struggling at college. After all, children that battle to read suffer from school, since school involves good reading skills techniques.

The sounds of letters are sometimes different of one's word themselves. When you are reading to your son or daughter the sound is primary. Make sure that your child can associate the sound with the letter. While you're reading to your child, point out the letter so that that your son or daughter can exactly what sounds go with what name. Don't be to hard on toddler if he / she cant pronounce the sound correctly. If your small child is trying and gets same sound for the letter, all of them with a change. It is hard for most children to try to produce an audio.

Now ask me should i wanted to burst with pride. Ask me if those never ending hours of creating my own worksheets and flashcards were worth it. Ask me if I'd sit through Green Eggs and Ham another million times. The correct answer is yes, yes, and ok!

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