Tricking Car Dealers


One of the most useful skills that people can take with them as they get older is being able to outwit a car dealer, that is beat the most cut throat bargainers at their own game. So I hope to give ten different ways that you can try and do so, and in doing so end up ahead of the game with the best price possible.

The first is to take as long as possible, because car sales people get paid usually from commission the longer you take the more desperate they become to get you off the lot. Once you get their business card make sure that you always request the same salesman so that you are literally wasting his time until it becomes less costly for him if he simply gives you a good deal. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways, mainly if you leave and come back often; remember you should always try and make it seem like you are attempting to do him or her a favor by hinting that "you want to keep working with him so that someone else doesn't get his commission" etc… so he stays hungry, thinks you are serious, and doesn't want to give up on you.

Next you should try to know everything that they know, understand how their loans work and how they are going to try to get you to finance the vehicle so that they can't pull a fast one over you autointhebox discount code.

Third, act like you know nothing you should be the unknowing unsuspecting driver who is just coincidently making all the right moves to lower the price of the vehicle. Do not let them get the "high penny" if something cost 40099.99 you can pretty much guarantee that they are using that extra 99.99 to increase them to the next tier of commission so if you can keep them from getting it you can often get the price to go even lower.

Negotiate hard, but don't lose focus on the larger issues to something that costs a few pennies compared to the other areas where you could force a better deal. Sixth don't let them get extras onto the contract like touchups or rust proofing which cars don't need any more.

Seventh figure out what the factory incentives are for the dealer and try to save money by shaving off price without taking away too much of that incentive. Eighth always avoid rushing into a deal, they might be motivated to sell, but never go to quickly. Ninth bring a friend who can help you act as a duo, you can be the desperate fool who is willing to pay top dollar for a car while he is the sensible and responsible one who won't let you settle without a good deal.

Finally you have to be careful of any financing deals they try to get you to go for, figure out what you want to do before you even decide to buy the car, because financing is one of the easiest ways for you to get ripped off launch x431 pro plus.

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