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Bernie Mac - "THAT BOY'S NOT SOFT"


That boy's not soft.


Let me tell you all a story.

I had a deep-dish apple pie.

I went to the refrigerator.

Apple pie gone.

I mean, pie nowhere.

Nobody's in the house but me and Jordan.

With a face full of crumbs, I asked him "What happened to my pie?"

He say he surprised a Food Burglar.

I said, "What"?!

I knew it was a lie. I just wanted to hear it again.

He said, "I surprised a Food Burglar, Uncle Bernie-hee-hee"

Hee-hee, nothing.

Let me tell you something. You can't be soft and tell a bold-faced lie like that.

You got to be bold to be that doggone stupid.

So, let me ask you all another question.

Which one of you all think y'all bold enough to eat my apple pie?

Say it.....Say it Out LOUD. Go ahead.

I didn't think so.

So, I guess this boy ain't soft after all.

And let me tell you all something.

I got a million stories like that I could tell you.

That boy ain't soft.

He's my comic inspiration......




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