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Steve Jobs Halloween Costume

Not only was Steve Jobs one of the greatest tech entrepreneurs in American history, but he was also a co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and an executive producer of the movie Toy Story. Just a bit of Jobs trivia that you can tell at your upcoming Halloween party. With that in mind, why not pay tribute to this amazing man by making this your Halloween costume. It’s geek-cool, it’s easy to make and you shouldn’t have to spend the entire night explaining who you are. Besides, it’s the perfect costume to wear when you visit that one house around the corner that passes out iPads for Halloween (I wish).

Ok, so what do you wear when putting together a Steve Jobs Halloween costume? That is pretty simple really. I mean, he wore basically the same outfit every single day.

Start with a black mock turtleneck. What is a mock turtleneck? It’s a turtleneck shirt with just one layer of fabric surrounding the neck rather than a double fold. Jobs was fond of the St. Croix brand, which sells for about 200 bucks, but if you’re not a tech billionaire any black turtleneck will do. If you don’t have one already in your wardrobe here’s a good one that will work:

Next you need a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. While Mr. Jobs did not skimp on his turtlenecks he was a true man of the people when it came to trousery. Levi’s 501s are one of the most popular jeans ever made, so there’s a good chance you’ve got this one covered. Just remember to look for a medium blue (not too dark and not too light). Medium stone wash is probably your best bet.

For the feet you will want a pair of black socks and some grey New Balance running shoes. Some say Steve wore running shoes to symbolize Apple’s running away from the competition, but I’m guessing he just wore them because they were comfortable. If you have some grey sneakers in another brand that should be fine, but for an authentic costume you can still get the real thing.

A pair of round-framed glasses is pretty much a necessity for a Steve Jobs costume. Look for costume glasses with small lenses and a thin frame. Steve was a nerd–but he was a cool nerd. No thick coke bottle lenses for this tech geek. If your dad or granddad has a hip pair of reading glasses, ask if you can borrow them for one night. Otherwise, something like this would be ideal:

Finally, and this one is totally optional, but a bald cap gives this costume a nice touch. Yes, Steve–like most great thinkers–was going a little thin up top. If you have a thick head of hair you could go as a young Steve Jobs. Steve had long-ish hair and a beard back in the Apple II days; but for an authentic look a bald cap is a simple solution.

That’s about all you need. Just remember to tuck the shirt into your jeans and avoid a belt if possible. Steve hated belts and seldom wore them. If you find your 501s starting to sag, a safety pin will help hold them up. And don’t forget to bring your iPhone to the Halloween party. You never know when you might need that app that calculates the nutritional value of candy corn.

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