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Male, 48, Boston, MA

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend moyra told me about these goodies CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to spread the good word I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 50 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it


Male, 43, Wilmington, NC

Posted September 09, 2013

Facebook is not for everyone, nor are smart phones. Facebook publicly interconnects people, and it is the public posts that local and Federal police, not only in the US, but internationally, monitor. I had to de-friend someone because he was constantly bragging about how much weight he had, whether true or not, I was at that time writing for a Hong Kong based hedge firm. The stupidity of Facebook posts is what leads to many arrests, think about it.
The only thing I post about mainly is currency trading. Futbol, is the other major passion of mine, but I also discuss politics, religion, art, and food. What I write is for a specific group of people, the rest who fail to understand, are simply useless to the information that is shared, including cell phone safety.
I have often written on on how criminal organizations, especially those higher in the chain of command, should not use, or even have smart phones, or even cell phones. Last month it humored me that the Wall Street Journal had an article how Al Queda had rules on cell phone/computer use, much which I had written about before.
These are a review of the rules I wrote before on cell phone use for criminal organizations.
(1) Dead Space: the higher you are, the more need for dead space. Dead space is the area around you from the nearest cell phone. Every cell phone has a microphone, a camera, and a GPS unit.
(2) The Eye Cover the eye/camera of the cell phone to keep your identity safe (WSJ article)
(3) Dead Time Do not own or use a cell phone during transportation from one area to another. That includes smuggling of cargo, people, or traveling with people that are higher in the chain of command. This is especially important for transportation from one state to another, or from one country to another.
(4) Meetings Cell phones should not only be deactivated, but the battery taken out when in a meeting. This means frisking anyone in that meeting for not only weapons, but cell phones as well. Cell phones are now portable bugs, and should be left outside the meeting place, even outside the building
(5) Facebook Stay off if you are dirty, period. There are many cases where the police in the US have used Facebook accounts to find someone guilty.
(6) the use of disposable phones is important for safety. Phones should be discarded daily. These effectiveness of disposable phones use were explained in "The Wire." Disposable phones are no longer safe if they call another land line. Disposable phones are only for use between calls of other disposable phones.
(7) emails
Erase all emails immediately after confirmation. Have a set time to send emails as well. (WSJ article) (8) texting Texting is a breach of your security. Do not do it, unless a system of codes has been set up.
I know someone who was arrested for cocaine trafficking. When he was in the interrogation room, they played back conversations from his Landstar computer is his Cadillac SUV.
Security is the key, folks. Ten percent of your business should be security. Inability for you to understand this will result in your failure. tion/2013/09/08/report-nsa-can -access-most-smartphone-data/2 781753/