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Male, Age Private, Atlanta, GA

Posted September 20, 2014


Male, 65, Dallas, TX

Posted June 04, 2014

I am a Black Queen, Striving to be Me!!

Hold your head up sista's,
for you are a jewel MySpace Layouts
you say you are nothing, don't be a fool.
You are one of God's most beautiful beings,
Get out of that relationship,
drop the dead weight you're seeing.
You deserve to be treated
like a queen, and loved.
For remember your creator,
you were sent from above.
You're a beautiful black woman,
demand your respect,
Think positive of yourself, or much
baggage you will collect.

A black woman so beautiful,
who can compare?
who can find one more precious?
Can someone tell me where?
The way she walks, it is second to none,
She can walk pass a brotha,
and his heart she has already won.
A sense of pride she has,
and a voice so soothing to the ear,
Her smile lights up the night,
oh how I wish she was near.

Near to me here, as I sit in this place,
So I may hold her close and look into her face.
A good black woman, makes one
want to be a better man,
To be together with her, for that's God's plan.

Here's to all the good sista's,
for all that you do,
there is a good strong brotha,
who is looking just for you.

God's perfect and divine plan for my life will set me FREE..
FREEDOM is my birthright
FREEDOM is a state of mind.
I am always FREE to choose.
My FREE will is the foundation of my FREEDOM.
I am FREE to ask for what I want.
FREEDOM is an experience that money can not buy......
Today, I will remember how powerful I am.
Today, I will remember that I am protected, guided, and illuminated by the divine presence in my being.
Today, I will remember the number of times I have been sheltered from the strom.
Today, I will remember that I have been forgiven when I was unable or unwillling to forgive myself.
Today, I will thank the Divine for mercy, grace,and goodness that gives me the FREEDOM TO BE and grow and live the glory of my divinity,
AND SO IT IS.......