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Male, Age Private, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

Posted February 26, 2016


Male, 30, McKinney, TX

Posted August 27, 2012

BIRTHDAY GRIP is the name of my first album wriiten; Will you or can you help me hop in the booth? I'm laying down fire spit from the MOUTH, coming from the Heart, like Rick Ross; I'm working to speed up what's being spitt'en at same time spit more bar's then 16 Bar's of, " Punchline's" no'one has ever heard %#&@$! the gov't I'll spit the Lord's word's first Christian Rap then my ALBUM, " BIRTHDAY GRIP". BARK at me I'll reply to get this party and album jumpin, Spit that Fire Only. %#&@$! anyone that won't listen

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