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    September 27, 1999

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Houston, TX

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    Black/African American

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Come in, have a seat, take off your shoes, and get comfortable....

Changing it up a bit... It`s a process... work with me!
December 3, 2006.... I've been gone for a while, so I haven't updated or even visited this page in a while.....

A 5`8", Single Sistah hailing from the Great State of Texas...where everything is bigger!

My drive in life is knowledge.... "My people perish for the lack of knowledge." Knowledge is the key to opening many doors.... and if it doesn`t open the door, it will give you insight on how to get the door opened. TRUE knowledge is enlightening and liberating.... Too long WE have been bound by ideals imposed on us by others....we as individuals need to learn not to let others control or build our worlds for us.... They will always make it too small.... Never underestimate the power, potential, and ability that God has invested in you!

Well...enough of my you can see... I like to talk too!

I am indeed one unique individual....there is none other like me (smile). Truly... you will never find another like me in all the Earth. Vain you say? No.... actually I am very modest.... But indeed unique. I have honestly been told that I am bourgeoise and "prissy"...... Some say this in a positive fashion, and others in a negative fashion... you be the judge. If you want to find out just how unique I am, drop me a line! All conversation is welcome... provided it is intelligent!

People often ask me:

What are you looking for in a man?
The type of person I like:

Right now.... a man who isn`t full of BS... who is straight forward.... understands that at this stage in the "game" it`s time out for games..... One who respects who I am, and what I stand for ... (HMMMM that means he would have to get to know me a little first doesn`t it????) A man who is a God-fearing man and knows who he is. A man who is sure of himself - confident, but not boastfully proud/vain or arrogant. Aggressive, but not overbearing. Sensitive, but not weak. A thinker, a motivator, an energetic person! He has to be goal-oriented and ambitious, but prioritizes material things as secondary to those that are intangible such as love, peace, happiness and his spiritual being. Aesthetics are not the priority of my requirements, but they do count for something.

My idea of a perfect relationship is:

There is no PERFECT relationship as all relationships are a process of growth, trial and error. I desire one that develops a wonderful friendship and blossoms from there. An honest relationship where expectations, desires, and fears are all laid out on the table. A relationship that does not hinder or drag me down, one that propels myself and the other person into accomplishing and fulfilling our dreams and desires. A relationship that allows me to contribute to the success and support of another individual as he does the same for me.

We`ve all been through some hurts and disappointments in our lives, but we learn and grow from them. The first step in being honest with someone that you care about, or want to get to know better, is to be honest with yourself. If you have baggage from a previous relationship, there is nothing wrong with it.... Dealing with is is a process. The thing about it is admitting that you have it and are willing to deal with it. Differences are what make us all unique individuals. It isusually those differences that attract others. Sure, those differences may cause some friction, but it is whether you are willing to put in the time to work through those differences and find a common ground that counts. Think about how you affect and effect the lives of others you engage in any type of relationship with - whether it be a friendship, an associate, or a lover. The most selfish thing you can do is to enter into a relationship without thinking of the consequences or the feelings of the other person involved.

Some of the Musical Artists that I am Feeling Now are:
SMOKIE NORFUL (if anyone knows what his concert schedule is... let me know)

Eric Benet
Norman Brown
Oscar Peterson
Yolanda Adams
Donnie McClurkin
Kurt Carr
Lauryn Hill
Boney James

OK.... I know we are not all down with the Guestbook.... Why can`t you just say Hi or something in it? Note and Pages often get deleted..... but the GB is here until I DELETE IT.....Don`t Leave without Signing the GUESTBOOK!!!!

May God`s eternal blessings be upon you and yours!

I am ALWAYS Sxybrwnis on the web...... (unless I am on the DL....)
You can catch me most often at HOTMAIL... but make sure you put some type of identifier in the email so I won`t delete it..... such as RE: BP Page! If you see Sxybrwnis... 9 times out of 10... it`s me! Please don`t send me a message to "Call You" on BP Dating.... I don`t Subscribe.... lol

Have anything you want to see on my page (let`s be reasonable now.... ) let me know!

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