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Welcome to my page! First things first, I am Ms K.O. and I hope you are enjoying my music in the background. Check my music page out if you have a few minutes to spare. I would love any feedback you have whether it is negative or positive. As long as it is honest. Sorry fella's, and ladies, (don't want to leave anyone out ; )) I am not here to find romance or make any new friends outside of making mutual beneficial connections. I am up for a good chat every now and again though so don't be afraid to drop me a few lines.

I have been receiving a lot of love from my BlackPlanet people and want to say thank you for your support. I may take a few weeks to respond to your message, as I have been receiving a lot of emails but don't forget about me :) I promise I am working on it!


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Please visit Blu Bac Records for news and music from my label and if you are a hip-hop fan, be sure to visit the Bird Crew for great hip-hop from Willie B and Stew.

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Many wonder why their significant other has cheated on them. I have been known to be at times simplistic in my reasoning in order to be concise. Conciseness has the affect of leaving nothing to mystery and does not leave room for misinterpretation. That being said, I have determined that there is only one answer to why a person would cheat on anyone....THEY DO NOT LIKE OR LOVE YOUR %#&@$! AT ALL OR AS MUCH AS YOU THOUGHT!ARGUMENT IThey DO love me!MY REBUTTALNot enough Sorry.ARGUMENT IIThey DO like... (continue reading)



I read an article entitled Beautiful minds often hardest to manage from the Financial Review. It was an older article dated 2005 but still struck my interest nevertheless. Not that you may not have already known but I thought it was interesting that it is being voiced that many organizations prefer stupidhellip; ooops.. ummm.. not politically correcthellip; I mean people with high EQ's as opposed to high IQ's. I recall a conversation I had with one of my sisters a few years back. The nature of... (continue reading)

RANT: The Predator Strikes Again...


I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet another male predator. What a crock of s.h.i.t. Well, on the bright side of things, I relearned a prior lesson. I guess I needed to relearn it so thanks predator for reinstilling a valuable lesson.I believe that if you have to lie and mislead someone to get them, you really lack selfesteem because if you were comfortable in your own skin, you would not feel like you had to be a liar in order to get who you wanted. If sex is what you want, all you have to... (continue reading)

What Are Men Looking For?


I was reading an article not too long ago, about what women should do to make a man fall in love with them and it made me think. The article advises women to conceal whom they are and play mind games. It advises that women be attentive and make eye contact a little longer than normal beyond the ending of a man's sentence. It went on to suggest that women make a stance on issues men bring up only enough to come across as intelligent but not to the point that you make the man feel as if you think... (continue reading)



1. If you are trying to look sexy and you give mean mug poses in the camera fellas....THAT AIN'T HOT!!! Maybe other men find that attractive. Those that are into the rugged type anyway.2. If you think you look tough because you are showing pictures of yourself in a jail cell locked the f u c k up, guess what fellas...THAT AIN'T HOT!!! Although, I appreciate you letting me know that you probably have no job and no damn sense. Thanks, appreciate the honesty.3. Still doing the jail pose in your... (continue reading)

Sexually Secure About My Desires... What About You?


I have been accused of being mannish in many ways. Not in the ways one would think per say more along the lines of knowing what I want and speaking and acting on it. Some men may say that sensuous full body rubs and the tight grip of a women's inner workings on their manhood feeling ever... so... snug is what they want but when the opportunity presents itself to them, they can't handle it or decide they want what they title as an honest woman, or a woman that will only privy them to that... (continue reading)

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