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The Gentleman.


Well it has come to my conclusion that alot of women have no idea what a gentleman is..... he is the one that may ask are u okay how are u doing he is the one that just may know how u are feeling and attempt to comfort you. he doesnt just open the door and take ur feelings into consideration. he does alot with out u having to ask sometimes. and sometimes u do or may have to ask but it will get done.. there are alot that are acting as if they are Me.. but they are not. they are frauds. they... (continue reading)

The Air Out....


OOOOOWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEwhere should i start...yall know who i am bout to talk bout ....mmhhmmmm....yall funny broke acting like u all that day fresh....girlfriend outfit borrowingugly weavebroken heelshungry kids80 baby father havingLADIES!!!!!!!!yes yes.. living in new york... hustling grinding scamming ... was just doing it..myself that isi say one out of every 10 ladies has a head on her shoulders...guys yall to.i'm a get at yall...lolfor real it makes no sense where or how u meet... (continue reading)

The Time Has Come.....


So the time has come for me to make some moves........ been in NY for like dam near 30 years...... little cali, nc,sc,ohio,jersey and atl... so i decided to plant my feet in Florida... only state i aint plant my feet in.. love the weather and environment.. plus i am a new yorker i will survive anywhere..... daughter will be joining me.. i am very happy about that..oowweeeee!!!!! i will always love New York but New York is not where its at for me anymore.... Artist is on his job... (continue reading)

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