lussiga2000 I am what I think about.All that I am arises with my thoughts.With my thoughts, I make my own world. Always on guard aga - January 12, 2010 add/view comments (1)

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    May 04, 2009

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    Birmingham, AL

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I am a reflection of everything that's around me in certain aspects. Right now I am striving to the unify the metrical patterns of myself. Meaning the patterns of True Love, Perfect Peace and Unceasing Happines. All three are woven in an intricate pattern that is bonded by Love. Love is the essence of all nature and exist within all men. Love existed before everything because it was thru Love that everything was created. So many times I wanted Love without purifying myself of the past darts of resentment and distrust that marred my perception of even having a loving relationship. I pour my soul in this scribe I feel torn and relieved at the sametime thru the many relationships that I have experienced. Torn that hurt has taken many years of my life. Relieved that I can start learning to Love again. Love is really hard to emanate from within when you have caged it for soo long. That's why it found me in the form of my loving Daughter and Best Friend, Mattaniah Bowens. This is love from a father who's brother's undying love was snatched from me by 18 bullets. However, what is taken is always given back ten fold. Love you girl,
Peace and Love from,
Sincere 7

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