LPNLL70 Always someone %#&@$!in' about nude pics being hacked or shared with someone else not intended for. Really now? Think about that. Your desire to be desired or self-esteem or narcissism is likely at fault. Whatever the case, not grown enough to know not to partake in the habit. And for the record, nobody has anything more astounding than the next person. A bare-azz is a bare-azz with holes in it no matter what way you twist yourself around. I am far more turned on by the mystery of a person only I would know behind closed doors than the porn shoot everyone has in their phone them. If you've been poppin' it out and clickin' send...you're being either ridiculed or used. - 3 hours ago add/view comments (0)

January 11
LPNLL70 ...not afraid to be different. Not afraid to be the best version of me. Naysayers make too much noise as they pass by in curiosity. But, every so often someone stops and pays enormous respect and it's more than a pat on the back. The praise is real and thought out.  

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