itwasablackguy If you think that Ronda Rousey's self-esteem may have taken a 'hit' from her last fight (Nunes) wait until you see how DEVASTATING the blow will be for these brash talking bimbos when they 'lose' public aid! Oh NOW you want a good man/lame in your 'corner' - it's past due - June 15 add/view comments (0)

January 13
itwasablackguy She spread her legs, not based on how handsome he looked, not based on how handsome his car was, but on the basis of how 'handy' he would be for the life that came from it...passing down 'handfuls' of wisdom, knowledge and love ESSENTIAL for its well-being. She thought of MORE than just herself.  

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Posted January 13

? huh

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