CDMIXERS SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: Do You remember when Actress Rayven Symone, stated she was an American, not an African American. Well, Did you know that was pushed by Jesse Jackson when he was running for President in 88", But more importantly if you are not able to name a single person that was a directly connected to Africa, it's because of your not, you're a native of this land called America. research it yourself. Before the skin lightened it was bronze, like the running joke Copper tone... Love Yourself learn your history, and you'll realize You never left Neverland, You are the descendants And you wonder why family tree's are bent, it's because we overlook the roots beneath our feet. - November 29 add/view comments (0)

February 17
CDMIXERS This is for that someone, that is at that cross-roads and excuses have run out. This is not your story and you know you deserve better, So whose the hostage and whose the slave? When the finger used to point are facing you...It's time family, it's time to allow the healing to place, if not for you, how about those who look to you..  

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