glam-grl Interesting! Mainstream Media, Psychology & Social Engineering! See how they are being used against black/Nubian people: How the Mainstream Media's Fake News Protects Recessive Criminals: v=CdZUpJZh5hc&sns=em - 1 hour ago add/view comments (0)

April 21
glam-grl How I'm feeling right about now Peeps? Ok where my fan at? It 's a little hot. This one right here! lol Ro James - Burn Slow: v=bXx0wEpchmc&sns=em  

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Male, 44, Terre Haute, IN

Posted April 21

Thats a banger , that adidas song is the %#&@$! also .


Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted April 21

@tjbellsfont06 Absolutely Good day King!

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