glam-grl They have made them public enemy #1 but my Brothas will never be my enemy! & let's get this perfectly clear, I'm not talking about the skin folk who ain't kinfolk because I'm perfectly aware that, that type of black man/woman is our enemy too! You may know the type....They are the ones who have hate in their heart for me or you while pretending to be for our community. They sometimes have their fist raised higher but it's only for show because they are the first ones on the social media mocking, slandering & hating black/Nubian Sistas or Brothas because they are bitter & secretly love our enemy. How do we know they are the enemy too? They say evil things to tear down & destroy the opposite sex by using the enemies tactics to belittle & cause pain instead of finding reasons to uplift & come together. Putting each other's short comings before the world to ridicule & demonize is exactly what our oppressors do. So anyone who co-signs that bullsh@t is our enemy too. - 20 hours ago add/view comments (3)

April 21
glam-grl How I'm feeling right about now Peeps? Ok where my fan at? It 's a little hot. This one right here! lol Ro James - Burn Slow: v=bXx0wEpchmc&sns=em  

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Male, 44, Terre Haute, IN

Posted April 21

Thats a banger , that adidas song is the %#&@$! also .


Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted April 21

@tjbellsfont06 Absolutely Good day King!

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