glam-grl Something else to consider: "The ones who are in control can Create whatever statics they want & always put us Black/Nubian people at the bottom in order to to make themselves feel better!" With them, nothing ever has to be the truth. Most don't even respect the truth, that's why so much lying is going on in the media & government. They are not above lying to the public/world on a mass scale. They've been caught repeatedly, doing it, yet the public, especially Black/Nubian people still expect them to tell us the truth. What part of pay attention to their track record do we seem to keep missing? They are not changing their stripes! They simply keep changing up the lies & in many cases they are using the exact same lie because they know people are going to fall for it! Nothing I'm saying is brand new! We simply need to take our ancestors wisdom & stop trusting evil A&& immoral people! They may tell the truth once in a while but that doesn't mean the devil stopped being the damn devil! - 10 hours ago add/view comments (2)

April 21
glam-grl How I'm feeling right about now Peeps? Ok where my fan at? It 's a little hot. This one right here! lol Ro James - Burn Slow: v=bXx0wEpchmc&sns=em  

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Male, 44, Terre Haute, IN

Posted April 21

Thats a banger , that adidas song is the %#&@$! also .


Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted April 21

@tjbellsfont06 Absolutely Good day King!

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