KellyAnn79 I'm am so tired of ignorance on every level. If you have an opinion at least let it make sense. Don't talk about what you don't know. I can't speak about Buddhism because that ain't my religion never studied it so I'm quiet on that, I will not talk about life as a white woman because I have no knowledge of that .......I could not even tell you what it's like being a black man right now in America However a black woman I can tell you about that. My point talk what you know about and BE HUMBLE and SIT DOWN if you don't know - August 21 add/view comments (1)

May 19
KellyAnn79 Two days in a row I cried lifting weights with personal trainer.......Cardio I can do but weight lifting i asked for my mama. I'm going back though ........Cause Mama ain't raise no quitters  

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