Conquerer1984 To answer the question of whether or not I'm concerned about my love for video games turning most (American) girls off let me ask you something. Have I ever been concerned about turning girls off with the things I say? As a matter of fact I said this before and I'll say it again. The only reason why most American girls have something against video games and guys who play them is because those girls are not very intelligent. They don't have the brains or the skills to do well at playing video games. So for that reason they hate on video games and they hate on guys who play them! If you think that I'm wrong about the things I say then prove it to me. For example I'll give you a challenge and it's actually not that difficult. Play Super Mario 64 and try to get all 120 stars without reading any strategy guides or going on YouTube and watching somebody else do it! (To be continued in the comments) - 59 mins ago add/view comments (1)

May 19
Conquerer1984 Focused on paying off my debt. I still gotta pay these student loans from when I went to college and other small bills. Trying to avoid girls. Girls ain't nothing but a bunch of negativity.  

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