Conquerer1984 We live in a society where females can have any type of personality they want to have and almost no guy cares. Females can get pretty much any guy they want (famous guys included) as long as they LOOK fantastic! Men live totally different lives than females. Us men can't have any type of personality that we want to have because if most females find that personality type unattractive then they simply won't or they'll refuse to date us! It doesn't matter how good we look. If they don't like our personality type then most of them will not date us. The crazy part about this is that the personality type that most females find attractive is that of a thug, a criminal, a player, or an overachiever who thinks he's better than most other guys. All of those personality types are supposed to be bad! But that's what most females want! - 2 hours ago add/view comments (0)

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