Preacha71 There comes a time when you have to remove connections from your life. Especially the ones who tell you that you can't be human when you are hurting by someone else's negligence. I call those people "holier-than-thou". So I say to those people, whether they be male or female, "Bye Felicia". Too many times I've had people that wanted to be friends, but they wanted to CONTROL me, CHANGE me and CONSUME me. I'm not having that. If that's your agenda, just leave me be. (I will record a video to my YouTube channel and express this issue. I plan on using this as a teaching tool to others who have been abused by fake friendships. If you would the link, inbox me.) Eph. 4: 26, 1 Pet. 5: 7, Matt. 5: 44 and Rom. 12: 19. - 1 hour ago add/view comments (0)

June 19
Preacha71 When I hear or read comments about me preaching about realism and it pisses some people off, I am doing my job. I haven't done it nor will I ever do this: and that is "sugar-coat" what God has poured into my spirit to preach. Unlike these so called fake preachers, I ain't the one!! Shout-out to my former church back in Little Rock, Ar. on 12th Street. Thank you for getting mad at me for speaking Truth to Power!!  

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