Wise_Phenomenal Be mindful of whenever you're coming off to women as "a Gift" vs. "the Prize". Although women do not generally hold the two to the same value, you can still benefit from either position... providing you play your cards right ~ ** fluidity ** - 7 hours ago add/view comments (0)

June 19
Wise_Phenomenal http://www.blackenterprise.com /bemodernman/2015/08/19/nfls-r yan-broyles-a-million-dollar-m an-living-on-a-60000-budget/ " He and his wife set a budget at $60,000 a year, and will allot the rest of his salary to investments and retirement savings " ~  

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Male, 44, Brooklyn, NY

Posted June 19

Loving the heaven out of this article ~ ** smile **

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