KonFlicTDaHuLKMc So many people are out here talking about change and coming together as a people. But you can't even say hi to a brother or sister without them having an attitude towards you. It's a damn shame everybody talks all this togetherness but yet you can't even say hi to your own kind. It's amazing the ignorance amongst ignorant human beings. - Yesterday add/view comments (3)

June 19
KonFlicTDaHuLKMc Attention Ladies this is a must read, so please be sure to read the entire post ASAP!Recently there was some information that was shared with me regarding women's health that I absolutely had no idea it even existed. Ladies let me ask you a SERIOUS question. If you knew that something you were currently doing is absolutely having a negative effect on your health what would U do?  

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Female, Age Private, Harrison, NY

Posted June 19

get to the point...


Male, Age Private, Minneapolis, MN

Posted June 19

I got to the point on the other my post I sent out. But anyhow send me your email inbox and I can send you the information.

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