KonFlicTDaHuLKMc Stop gettin mad at people who tell you the truth about something you asked for. If you can't stomach the truth, then be happy with the lies. The greatest lie is to yourself sayin you can handle the truth when you know you Can't. Don't be made at the truth teller be mad at yourself for believing so many lies that when the truth is told it almost kills you. - 16 hours ago add/view comments (1)

June 19
KonFlicTDaHuLKMc Attention Ladies this is a must read, so please be sure to read the entire post ASAP!Recently there was some information that was shared with me regarding women's health that I absolutely had no idea it even existed. Ladies let me ask you a SERIOUS question. If you knew that something you were currently doing is absolutely having a negative effect on your health what would U do?  

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Female, Age Private, Harrison, NY

Posted June 19

get to the point...


Male, Age Private, Minneapolis, MN

Posted June 19

I got to the point on the other my post I sent out. But anyhow send me your email inbox and I can send you the information.

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