26sean A ladys man. 1. Your swagged out. (Charismatic personality) 2. Physically appealing.(ideal height, fit and handsome) 3. Well off or rich.(financially stable) But with all three he has the choice of hundreds of women. Why would you expect him to only want one? Two out of three the same deal. One out of three he still doing damn good in the women category. You single women think it over. Think about what is really ideal in a man. - August 14, 2017 add/view comments (0)

June 19, 2017
26sean Regardless if kaepernick ever plays football again we as a people need to have his back on every angle. He has over a million followers and gives 100k out to a charity each month. With his one million followers at a petty $1 from each follower a month he can continue the good work. Those who can donate more even better. Create our own stimulus. He is sacrificing millions who cant sacrifice a dollar?  

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