26sean A ladys man. 1. Your swagged out. (Charismatic personality) 2. Physically appealing.(ideal height, fit and handsome) 3. Well off or rich.(financially stable) But with all three he has the choice of hundreds of women. Why would you expect him to only want one? Two out of three the same deal. One out of three he still doing damn good in the women category. You single women think it over. Think about what is really ideal in a man. - August 14 add/view comments (0)

June 19
26sean Black folk please stop marching... That %#&@$! played out in the 60s.  

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Female, 40, Tulsa, OK

Posted June 19

ur pitiful


Male, 38, Kansas City, MO

Posted June 19

facts...it accomplishes nothing


Male, 38, Orlando, FL

Posted June 19

What im implying is a more dramatic nonviolent tactic for the marching types.

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