SoldieretteofChrist A lot of yawl holier that thou folks need to go take several seats! Half of you just one toe from scrapping tips of the pits of hell and but got yawl the nerves to think you are sitting high and looking low at folks! Don't preach folks out hell a while still you still go yourselves! Word from the wise: take a chill pill because your doo doo stank just like everybody else's! The only thing is you can't smell your mess no more but let somebody walk in the bathroom right behind you after you just finished, and I'm more than sure that will tell you something different! Stop putting on a facade like you are sinless because if the walls could talk in your homes half of yawl would be sat down and shut down for life! -- that's all-- - 20 hours ago add/view comments (0)

June 19, 2017
SoldieretteofChrist Somebody just posted a video on Facebook of a beetle getting physically raped by another beetle! I'm not lying this a True story yawl and 100% true actually video of a male beetle forcing sex on a female beetle...Just when you have seen it all, then comes bug rape! Smh! I'm done with Facebook for today!  

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Male, 41, Philadelphia, PA

Posted June 19, 2017


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