SoldieretteofChrist Let me make this abundantly clear for you murders by way of your viprous tongues I AINT NEVER TOLD NOBODY NOR DO I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 IS THE DAY THAT CHRIST WILL RETURN! BUT WHAT I DID SAY, AND HAVE SAID REPEATEDLY TO ALL OF YOU, AND WHAT I DO BELIEVE IS THAT ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 A SIGN WILL OCCUR IN THE STARS AND HEAVENS AND THIS SIGN AS WELL A MANY OTHERS HAVE AND WILL SIGNIFY THINGS TO COME! So get a grip and get control of your lying scoffing tongues! A true spokesperson of the Father is NEVER truly well-received by the masses nor accepted in their own hometown! - 20 hours ago add/view comments (3)

June 19
SoldieretteofChrist Somebody just posted a video on Facebook of a beetle getting physically raped by another beetle! I'm not lying this a True story yawl and 100% true actually video of a male beetle forcing sex on a female beetle...Just when you have seen it all, then comes bug rape! Smh! I'm done with Facebook for today!  

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Male, 41, Philadelphia, PA

Posted June 19


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