Don1love Gn fbf (just some thoughts )fellas let me put y'all up on a few things ,we as men may do the chasing ,but women do the choosing.inside women are chemical explosions ,biological signals pheromones .intuitive vibes .women size u up quickly .she looks at your dress in your pix ,what u post about and how u address her .see a woman tells her look I ain't getting no younger&games r done .stop trying to figure women out ,stop trying to beat them at talking ,she may tell u things to see how u answer. stop with the u looking for a cuddy buddy &text buddy&I'm just looking for friend shiit ,they know u wanna some azz .they will give it up if you stop the games just tell the truth .all us not the same just like finger prints that's why we leave different impressions on ppl ,class dismissed - 2 hours ago add/view comments (0)

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