need-of-real-lv Live your life don t stress, enjoy every moment of your life never know what fool will take it from you, or illness, share a tear for joy never for something that s out of your hands - November 17 add/view comments (0)

July 17
need-of-real-lv Good morning ladies and gentlemen have you ever woke up, wanting sex like crazy then realizing that your the only one in bed then get up and shower then go to work, I mean damn sometimes it's good to have a person in your phone that like to have something good with know straight attach, but we know some people can't handle that, this a new day and age every body need love and a good time, if you do this once in a while you will be even more relaxed then ever. (WITH KNOW %#&@$!KING DRAMA)IM JUST SAYING  

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