Msyose Yeah, I learned my lesson working out in the summer no joke in this heat smfh come fall winter Ima kick it into high gear Ima just have to be a baby seal for the rest of the summer - July 21 add/view comments (1)

July 17
Msyose Anyone else get nervous when they go on a spending spree then gotta look back at they bank account lmao lawwwd just lemme stay above the thousands mark please don't bring me down  

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Female, 29, Oakland, CA

Posted July 17

??? Don't get nervous, you don't need most of that %#&@$! anyway. Betta collect them receipts and go on a returnin spree!


Female, Age Private, Sagaponack, NY

Posted July 17

@Reese4daEast i can afford if lol i just enjoy seeing my bankaccount at a secure level

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