StarRegulus8 Thoughts please.. 3 months ago one of my good ( male) friends decided I was too good for him to have as a friend. That was the only explanation he gave, and he stopped replying to my phone calls and messages. Also , 3 months ago I told him (coincidentally the same day) that things with the person I am dating were getting more serious. Well, last night he called. He said at the time he was going through some stuff, using drugs out of loneliness, surrounded by people that he felt he couldn't trust, etc.. I brought up that since he left with no explanation I assumed it was because he had feelings for me that he wasn't being honest about. He said ' Even if that was true , I wouldn't interfere with what you have going on, so I wouldn't tell you.' - Yesterday add/view comments (17)

August 12
StarRegulus8 I walked straight through a screen door a couple weeks ago. I still can't walk through a sliding door without checking to see if there is a screen first. Bahaha ! Will life ever return to normal? Maybe I can find a discreet way of checking? LOL! People are going to stop inviting me to BBQ's .  

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