paradoxnyc3 We CHOOSE to follow,believe,and entertain constructs,all designed to misdirect,distract,and separate.They require our compliance to work.For example,we CHOOSE to shop and do things on 'holidays',and we CHOOSE to believe they actually exist.Most of those holidays are pagan in origin,yet practiced by so-called 'religious' people.We choose to follow and entertain constructs because it's hard for most people to operate with logic,facts,and documented evidence to make everyday decisions.The closer we delve into being intellectual,factual,and critical thinkers,the further we might move away from constructs.In other words,logically most jeans,cars,bags,clothes,and other items serve the same functionality,no matter what the price is. ort/identifying-successful-fam ilies-overview-constructs-and- selected-measures - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

August 13
paradoxnyc3 Hey,here's an obvious idea..If you post and analyze others,you might be analyzed yourself,or corrected,etc,etc..If you dont like it,then dont post to the public,STUPID...People all have a right to agree,not agree,and be indifferent.That does not mean they take it personally,take it seriously,or whatever OPINION you might have.That's what people who are intellectual do,they have ideas,they share,they agree,they opposed,they adapt,they adjust,they innovate,and the list goes on.Then,i love this punk shi- people do online,where they vaguely mention things,they talk around people,and they want to be passive-aggressive,instead of just dealing directly with someone.Unless you KNOW someone ,to make statements about who they are,why they are online,and what goes on in their life,then it's best not to play the fool and guess.  

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