mission2007 Gm BP Atliens be safe out there. Its slippery especially going up n down hills If its too steep dont do it. I saw cars stuck n the middle of road pickup trucks stuck uphill truck sliding when they tryn take off. I slid down hill and manuevered to untouched snow which my truck retracted and I stopped Lord it was scary at bottom of hill a small car was crossed the road stuck 30 ft from hitting them. I wont be going into nobody job. tonite prayn my VPN work il be workn from home. BE SAFE OUT THERE - 14 hours ago add/view comments (2)

September 13, 2017
mission2007 Gm BP If you are over forty and have grown kids would you get married if asked or would you rather be in a committed relationship?  

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Male, Age Private, Nashville, TN

Posted December 03, 2017

A very Tough question. It really depends on my value of the Woman,

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