seriouslynoseriously I SEE YOU~You went from wanting to be low key & sitting back chilling....lurking being sneaky was more like it.....playing innocent & the victim.....everyone sopping it up like biscuits in gravy.......vengeful behind the scenes.....hmmm seems like it?s a new you....playing nice & friendly.....ya got a boost of confidence.......but now ya boastful.....moving like your shyt don?t stink....well looka here you done joined the attention seekers....still trying to find out which lane you wanna fit in....dayum is that your ego that I see before I see you?...hmmm back to the vengeance....SMH all the faces of hurt that is YOU! - 18 hours ago add/view comments (86)

September 13, 2017
seriouslynoseriously Piggyback post from @iggy111...FOR ALL THE BRAVE MEN OF BP~ how do you define romantic love? How do you come to understanding what it is & how do you recognize it in yourself & articulate it?  

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