SirJohnnyGuitar Join me in College Chat Meeting Table I m a Missionary Religious Godly Man and don t do Religion also Single for Single Godly Women 25yrs and older : ) but I take my time and I am willing to discuss with you all ( Topic ) Every Family Should Be Talking About Thanksgiving History And Getting Out The History Book Out To Help Our Children To Understand How The Future Has Changed And Why People Is Acting Ugly & Asking For Stuff We Should Have Already In Our Life : The World Should Not Be This Way : To Where People Eating Around Others Like This They Do Not Even Know : We Suppose To Be Around Family Regardless If It s Another Family But They Are Apointed To Help You : Not Asking For Nothing If You Want it Get It Anytime Because You Are family And We Know The Family Values ? ) Again I m a Missionary Religious Godly Man :SJG) - 2 hours ago add/view comments (0)

September 13
SirJohnnyGuitar I am so tired of waiting on Black or White Women to contact me like I am begging them until I have to say ; Hello Single Asian American Women 25yrs of Age and older on BP Please send me a Note :SJG)  

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