BrwnXtaci2 Its something about getting your nails and feet done that makes you feel so relaxed. Top that with being waxed and getting a full body massage ....its like when you get home and unfasten your bra and let them girls breathe .... So refreshing - November 21 add/view comments (1)

September 13
BrwnXtaci2 So I got an inbox message saying...I think I'm sexy....and I'm right.... Funny thing is I don't think I'm sexy, or cute. I think I'm OK but to someone I'm not their type. We all have types and it's OK not to be attractive to someone or visa versa....its a huge planet so its someone who will find you attractive. Besides what you see before you is not my greatest asset....what you discover about me is....Attraction goes beyond anything physical...anyone can hold me, but to hold my heart is a greater task. #BrwnXtaciReinvented  

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Male, 52, Berkeley, IL

Posted September 13

Agreed 110%


Male, 53, Avondale, AZ

Posted September 14

Now see I think modesty and intelligent conversation are sexy.


Male, Age Private, Salisbury, MD

Posted September 15

Now that is what makes a woman attractive, the ability to express and show herself in a positive way that reaches a person's mind and makes her inner beauty shine!

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