summer_reignz Versus exercising at home, I've gotten my strength back enough to go to the gym and so I can "regrow my booty"! I was an NCAA track scholar athlete and health issues are an inspiration, not an excuse, to improve my exercise routine! 30 lbs down in the places I wanted since August 11, 2017!!! Now let's plump up what I want too!! *singing #AssAndTitties * - 17 hours ago add/view comments (0)

October 11
summer_reignz I'm about to blast music and start cleaning my place like I just moved in... In that type of mood! Maybe I'll rearrange some stuff... it's just so peaceful and beautifully overcast. I get to open all the windows for the first time in months. It's so nice!  

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Male, 29, Fort Benning, GA

Posted October 11

hi bab how was your day


Female, 47, Farmingville, NY

Posted October 11

I started rearranging like 1am this morning so thats my today project too!!

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