Niceguycursed I've learned to open myself up to opposition when it comes to faith-based discussions and philosophy. overtime whenever I didn't have an answer afterwards I sought out the information and so next time I was prepared when someone else asked the same question. you see not only does God affirm His trustworthiness in our life experience as believers but it reinforces our trust in God when we study/research how faithful He has been leaving reliable marks in history. in fact opposition is a great test because if your faith is shallow and non-existent you will walk away from it but if it is authentic you will cling even tighter to the cross. - 19 hours ago add/view comments (0)

October 12
Niceguycursed When it comes to faith-based ideas there's a lot of people who are very opinionated about faiths and happened to be just as equally ignorant particularly about Christianity if they choose to criticize the Christian faith. I can't tell you how many people start backing out of the conversation once I start asking questions about what they understand about God's word, the claims, the historical evidence and the moral issues that clearly align with the reality we observe today. I think we Believers have to start politely challenging our Skeptics and call them out when they have absolutely no clue what they're talking about along with providing the clear gospel message to them.  

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Posted October 12

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