ConsciousCat On the real, stop caring about what people think about how you look. Are you happy/comfortable in yo own skin? If not, YOU need to fix that. Can't nobody raise YO self esteem. Stop giving people so much power. Idgaf if I rolled outta bed, haven't done my hair in months, and threw on my clothes in the dark. I'm strut like I invented modeling, TF. - November 27 add/view comments (1)

October 12
ConsciousCat I'm not the kind of woman who wants to hear or say I love you all day. I didn't grow up like that. Nonetheless I'm very loving, I show love with all I'd do. All I'd move, make, conquer, compromise, and try. Actions will always speak louder...  

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Male, Age Private, Abingdon, VA

Posted October 12

how are u doing beauty?


Male, 25, New York, NY

Posted October 12

hey beautiful Queen

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