glam-grl Imagine finally getting a loan or saving up enough money to buy your own house or land, only to find out later that even though you completely paid off your home or land, you still don't own it! The proof is on the video below. What if you found out the U.S. law can be used to confiscate it? Would you still want to be a homeowner? " For anyone who isn't familiar with terms like "land grab" & "Imminent domain" which is confiscation of privately owned land by the government. Whether you already own property or are considering buying some in the U.S. this info may be of value. If your not familiar with the laws & rights of the purchaser, check out the 2 videos, Especially the second one! . #Research! If You Don't like it Here, Then Leave!: v=GzhmRGJsAFI&sns=em - 9 hours ago add/view comments (10)

October 12
glam-grl Um! This is not for the domesticated... This is Gods and Chiefs territory!: DAVID BANNER SAYS F*CK THE NFL AND GIVES SECRET TO BLACK SUCCESS:  

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