bethmarv The journey begins because our lives are hard pressed we do not know where to turn because of the tremendous stress. Jesus came so that we might rest in Him so that when we have problems we won t sin. We are afflicted with worldly pleasures and can t see the most Highest Treasure. Open your heart and let Him in; shouldn t you like to see where your new life begins? Draw Close to our Father and He will draw close to you He will bless you with unconditional love that s true. With love and compassion that will come your way sharing it with others our Father ask will you obey? If we still go around hating and hurting the people around us we are just as guilty for treating our Father the same way and in Him we have no trust. Do not ever doubt that our Father won t ever meet your needs. He still expects us to do our righteous deeds. So if you find yourself on a never ending journey remember that there is only one way to go and that is in the arms of the Great Almighty God! - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

October 12
bethmarv at I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. (Php. 3:10). Father we want to know You in all Your fullness and to love You completely. We believe that relationship with You is the basis for our service for You. Help us not to serve out of our own strength. Amen!!! If our goal is merely service for our Father we may burn out somewhere along the way. But if our purpose is to know Christ and love Him we ll find that He will give us the strength to make Him known to others. Let us joyfully press on in the strength our Father has given us. Learn from Christ then make Him known.  

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