DoubleHenn Ok guys? Q? You broke up with me few years ago & said I deserve better! He couldn t quit drinking when I did? Left! 2 years later came back & apologizes? Been sober for 2 years? Is now made my son hand carved pendant today which is one of a kind! What is this mean? He still cares? Or idk? Either way I guess my kid gets to see him today.. I m sure his gf won t know or like any of this? - Yesterday add/view comments (3)

October 13
DoubleHenn Making some #hybrid #Infused blackberry merlot jam! takes the pain away without smoking!  

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Male, 41, Dallas, TX

Posted October 13

That's sounds interesting, need to look up that recipe,might help my diabetic nerve pain


Female, Age Private, Vancouver, BC

Posted October 13

Thc will help with the nerve pain, cbd will help with any imflamation or spasms

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