slimbutta1 People be mad when they don't know your business then they start telling lies on u and %#&@$! cause they miserable af and be hatin ...ask me how I been ... Everytime my answer be the same, I been good boo im blessed God is good... That's all u need to know - 34 mins ago add/view comments (1)

October 13, 2017
slimbutta1 lets be real ...ever wanted to bust somebody head wide open and dont care about the consequence even when u got %#&@$! to lose but something holds you back...aint nothing but God # we human  

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Male, 30, Oxnard, CA

Posted October 13, 2017



Female, 37, Arlington, TX

Posted October 13, 2017



Male, Age Private, Mattapan, MA

Posted October 13, 2017

I feel you sis... sometimes i feel like cockin my fist back far as i can and smash someones face joking but serious

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