Don1love finally , we are alone ..... your body speak its own language , each movement is a different tone... to the left its come get me .... to the right its damn baby thats my spot.... each motion gets you hot , forgive me not ... im bout to make love to you and sin . ahhhh %#&@$! baby she screams ..... this is the fantasy of my dreams . heart is beats felt like thunder pounding on my chest . im laying on top her as I lick ur breast.... enhale ... exhale enhale exhale breath ...... oh baby u say im cummin , I say im cumming with u splurge splash wet sweaty intense shaking , toes curl , muscle tighten , damn this was intense in this dark room ur soul lit up like lighting .... dont be afraid my love for u is exciting .... kiss on ur lips , u lay on my chest .... that was the best - 4 hours ago add/view comments (0)

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