JayKelz Don't look for someone who is perfect, because you'd never reach their standards. Look for someone who can see past your imperfections, those are the very few who are simply perfect..for YOU. (Intimate or platonic) #TakeNotes - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

November 11, 2017
JayKelz Hey you, the worst position you could put yourself in when you are in pain, is in self denial. We have all been hurt, but strength is when you can acknowledge that you are in the middle of it, but know that you cant stay there. Pain, (and disappointment) are lessons that simply had to be learned in a more affective fashion.. Next time you may suffer, understand that if you made it out of the previous situations? So you can get out of anything...  

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Male, 52, Detroit, MI

Posted November 12, 2017

Well stated!!!

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