SoldieretteofChrist I pray for those who are hearts are grief stricken, heavy, and troubled tonight. Father let the burden be made light, and yolk made easy that heavy hearts may find rest and comfort in you in the Mighty name of Yeshua Hamashiach, the Risen Lamb. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

November 14
SoldieretteofChrist I'm am convinced that NO ONE wants to really hear nor face the reality of real truth, even the Saints! People want to hear a believe sugarcoated lies and untruths while they live in the bondage of out of the closet and in the closet sin, inner and open sin as drones driven by the mental matrix of this monopolized, degenerative and depraved world! The truth is very few will be saved! The truth is most you Saints are on your way to hell quicker than the folks you really think you are better and above than! The truth is one day this show will be over and coming to area near you soon the greatest reset button in the history of world and humanity shall be pushed by non other than the Most High, Yahweh Elohim Himself!  

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Male, Age Private, Freeport, IL

Posted November 14

no one wanted hear the turth hun ppl are use the lies ppl tell ppl all wayz run from the truth it anit nothing like telling the turth only it be the idiot be lieing and unturthful we intelligent ppl alwayz tell the turth my dear

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