MsWanda2209 Oh yeah, hey baby, yeah Oh yeah, yeah, that's right We had a chance to find true love And make it last forever From the first dance I knew it was just you and I, knew it was just you and I, together What made you try those childish games? What made you want to use me? So now today, we're not the same And you're about to lose me Baby, I've been a fool for you You made me go round and roundI've been a fool for you But it's over now, it's over now, yeah You stood me up and you put me down In front of all our best friends, yeah You seem to love to show yourself In front of all the other men, yeah, - 2 mins ago add/view comments (0)

November 14
MsWanda2209 So Trump helped some privileged dummies who think the rules don't apply to them get out of is that different than what he does any OTHER day???  

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Female, 30, Hinkley, CA

Posted November 14

Yep and because they are black we are supposed to be grateful.. Smh ?


Male, Age Private, North Arlington, NJ

Posted November 14

Try to make him self look good because he got some minority release

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