Croatoa It's impossible to be monogamous with the majority of women out here especially single mothers. They usually got Simps, exes, and baby daddies blowing them up or still seeing them some kind of way behind your back. That's y when u get involved with these women they love going through your phone because if they find something or THINK they found something it alleviates their OWN guilt of what they're doing to u behind your back. Do u my nigga and %#&@$! these hoes. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

December 07, 2017
Croatoa It's funny how hoes are known for bending backwards for pookie and Ray Ray and then tell a nigga like me I gotta take them out. Chicago has some of the most self entitled and delusional women ever.  

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Male, 40, Naperville, IL

Posted December 07, 2017

Aint that the truth!

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