scorpio2608 My living habits are a lil extreme I admit it, I grow up in the projects in Miami fl liberty city area in a 3 bedroom apartment me my grandma grandpa and two other brother and a uncle or aunt I bathroom the lil apartment wasn't the best up kept house it had roaches hanging over the faucet you went to get water rats as well, and I told my self if I ever get my own place Its going to be to clean the logic to the reason why I'm so difficult about keeping a clean place I have flash backs. - March 01 add/view comments (1)

December 11, 2017
scorpio2608 I'm content wit bein single 4 da rest of my life I have failed 2 many times n a relationship miserably due 2 going 2 hard n da paint 4 wanting 2 love someone because I felt I never had love growing up so I made it my mission 2 find a woman 2 luv hw I never had felt luv growin up, I see I was tryin 2 fill a void of not being luv by wantin the luv of a woman but I was bein selfish because I was out finding luv not thinkin of the woman even luv her self. #single4life  

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Female, 57, Paterson, NJ

Posted December 11, 2017

Wow that's somethin


Male, 29, Wichita, KS

Posted December 11, 2017


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