Top-Cat-813 I was exiting the parking garage at Channelside, with my kids early one evening. We were heading to a movie and dinner. As we crossed the street, a not so young brother on the 2nd deck of the parking garage behind us shouted out to his two friends ahead of us: ?now that?s a real nigga right there!? That was a life lesson my kids didn?t need. We were embarrassed for him, his friends and for us. I am still not sure who this brother was referring to but does it really matter? We can and absolutely must do better. It?s called shaking off the chains- the mental one?s. - Yesterday add/view comments (1)

January 01
Top-Cat-813 Can you listen/hear the message even if you don t care for the messenger? A sign of maturity is being able to separate the two.  

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