summer_reignz A 2nd grader in Arkansas went to the ER Sunday with a 105 fever and died on Tuesday!!! If your child should not be weathering a flu at home WITHOUT even if you know that is what it is!!! Most children are not hydrated enough to handle a high fever. If prolonged, it causes changes in levels of consciousness and seizures, and seizures can be deadly as you know. Wash your hands! Use Lysol in the White Can! If you have a fever, do not put on too many layers. No medical information is general knowledge, I have found, and I have to tell people and then explain. Summer, RN #LifeSaver - January 18 add/view comments (7)

January 03
summer_reignz This is why the family of Martin Luther King, Jr. WON their lawsuit against the government for killing him!!! This is probably why %#&@$! Gregory, who was healthy as a horse, had to go so swiftly too!!!  

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