KimK_ Y'all %#&@$!z Kill Me With These Fake Deep Qoutes Under Them Tit Shots And Half Naked Pics. Talking About You Need Love That Shines Like Diamonds In My Soul, Like How God Has Love For Us All. %#&@$! STFU God Ain't Got %#&@$! To Do With You Posting Pics Of You On Your Back At A Motel 6 Or You Posting Pics In Walmart Panties For Fake Attention, Ya Lazy Hoe! FOH - 20 hours ago add/view comments (12)

January 13
KimK_ What's up with these down low niggas??? Huh?  

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Female, 52, Tampa, FL

Posted January 13

For starters theyre competing with the women! ???

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