OES2002 Did you all hear about the sex and prostitution ring that had taken place at Fort Valley State, a small HBCU in Georgia? A Employee on Campus who is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had the young ladies from the Spring line of 2017 working for her as ladies of the night to raise money in order to pledge. - April 20 add/view comments (1)

January 13
OES2002 This Teacher wants to know if anyone out there ever had a crush on their Teacher, College Professor and what was there name?  

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Male, 41, Dallas, TX

Posted January 13

Yes multiple teachers, had a few hot ones. Don't remember their names


Male, 41, Greenbelt, MD

Posted January 22

I sure did from Elementary, Middle, High, and College. At the moment do not recall their names.

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